• With ESO you will never pay more than you should

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  • We have mastered the art of securing the most suitable services for the best price

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Advice on Saving Your Business Money

With ESO, you will never pay more than you should

Our rigorous auditing systems and team of seasoned analysts will ensure your bills are correct every time.

Utility Bill Auditing

We know that not every business has the time or the manpower to conduct routine utility invoice audits. There are so many different rate structures, possible adjustments and unknown charges that it can be a minefield, and that’s before taking into account invoices that are late or inaccurate. It can be far too easy to get lost in the detail of it all. Our assessors will check through your utility invoices and make sure you are being charged only for the energy you have actually used. For any errors that are identified, we will utilise our tested supplier relationships to quickly deal with these and arrange prompt reimbursement to your account. Our reports are concise and easy to understand, and will include a cumulative budgetary report so you can monitor your outgoings and establish any targets that you wish to achieve.

Historical Auditing

Without our help it’s entirely possible that there may be errors from your past invoices just waiting to be recovered. If requested, our leading retro-audit experts will carry out a historical assessment on your company’s past billing rates, as well as check any unseen pass-through charges to ensure the tariffs you were sold were accurate. In the past, we have discovered errors that run into tens of thousands of pounds! If any errors are discovered, we will quickly manage the recovery of them. However, if nothing is found then there is no cost at all; it is ... Read More

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To see how we can help you reduce your energy costs

Advice on Saving Your Business Energy

Energy procurement is what we do best. Because prices vary daily, it is crucial that you buy energy at the right time, and we have mastered the art of securing the most suitable services for the best price. We liaise with the suppliers, negotiate the deal on your behalf and constantly monitor whether your contract is working for you. Our procurement packages come in two varieties: fixed price and flexible price.

Fixed Price

Fixed price means that the rate you pay will remain the same for the extent of the contract, providing you with absolute budget certainty. From day one, we will perform a series of meticulous tests on the many different tariff structures available to make sure you receive the best and most cost-effective solution. Once all this information is prepared, we will carry out an open and transparent tender on your behalf, negotiate with the chosen suppliers and then recommend the most suitable offer. A combination of excellent supplier relationships, leveraged buying power and leading market analysis means we get the best possible deal every time.

Flexible Price

With flexible price energy procurement the price you pay will change over time, based on the trends and variations in the industry. We will constantly monitor published market prices and purchase energy on your behalf for the most suitable amount of time; this could be monthly, quarterly or even seasonally. Our purpose-built risk management team will establish your financial objectives and ensure any price risk to you is diminished as far as possible. Every single one of our risk-managed products is suppor... Read More

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To see how we can help you reduce your carbon footprint

Save Money

See how we can help reduce your energy costs
Save Money
Save Energy

Save Energy

See how we can help reduce your carbon footprint
  • We saved 25% on our energy bills saving us up to 25k a year

    Bill Paxton | West Haulage | Weaslton
  • We reduced our carbon footprint and reduced energy costs by 40%

    John Norton | West Haulage | Weaslton

Our dedicated trading team can provide you with up-to-the-minute market intelligence

Advice For Your Business

Professional energy guidance and market intelligence

Once we’ve found you the right deal and started you on the path to saving money and energy, we don’t just jump ship and leave. We’ll be here to help with every step you take.

Market Analysis

Our dedicated trading team can provide you with up-to-the-minute market intelligence, either as part of one of our energy procurement packages or as a stand-alone service. With our insider knowledge and excellent relations with the big energy companies, you will always be ahead of the curve. However, as an unbiased third party we will be able to provide you with honest advice and guidance to put your mind at ease.

Our team will be your first point of contact for any of your queries. As well as providing you with regular market reports, so you stay up to date without even having to think about it, EnergiSave are always reachable via telephone or email.

Renewable Energy Projects

With energy costs continuing to rise, more and more small businesses are investing in renewable alternatives, such as solar panels or biomass boilers. We have some of the country’s premier renewable energy experts that will advise and guide you through the entire process, to reduce the risk for your company.

EnergiSave will recommend the renewable energy project that is right for you based on your situation, space and budget. We will then smoothly guide you through the daunting regulatory procedures such as complying with OFGEM, obtaining your ROC certificates and seeking planning permission.

For any extra energy that is produced, we will also help with the Power Purchasing Agreement; this is how excess power is traded back to the grid. We will take care of the negotiations to get you the best deal, and provide continued support once you’re up and running to ensure you’re paid enough for the power your produce.