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Have an Energy Saving Summer!

With summer edging closer, it’s nearly time to open them blinds and let in that natural beam of light. With more people enjoying the outdoors, and naturally using less utilities – summer is your time to shine!

So, let’s put those extra utility saving tactics into place, and make the most of this summer. Here are our top 5 methods for you to save on your business’s utility bills.

Switching off appliances
Start saving with the flick of a switch. IT systems and kitchen appliances, these ‘vampire devices’ will continue to suck energy even when they are not in use. By switching them off at night and over the weekend you can vastly reduce your energy output.

Bonus Tip: Connect all your appliances to a central power station, which will let you to switch all the appliances off in one go!

Energy saving lights and LED lamps
Investing in energy saving lights is a great way to reduce your business costs. Energy saving lights only require 1/5 of the power needed to produce the same amount of light as a conventional lamp. And if that’s not good enough, LED lamps turn approximately 70% of their energy into light, making them much more efficient than conventional lamps, which waste over 50% their energy to heat production.

Our partnering company Airis Energy Solutions can help you save up to 80% on electricity and carbon reductions – with their unique LED lighting solutions. So, you can benefit from more light, at the cost of less energy.

Motion sensitive lighting
We’ve all left a light on before, it’s an honest mistake! But by installing motion sensitive lighting you can make sure you are only using energy, when necessary. Thus, limiting your energy waste. This is a great money saver for businesses, especially those with large office/workspaces, in which not every area needs to be constantly lit. The Airis Elixis Smart LED panels are equipped with a built-in motion detector, that can save you up to 60% more than standard LEDs due to their efficient motion technology.

Bonus Tip: It is common for the lighting systems of restrooms and toilets to always be switched on. By introducing motion sensor lights you can reduce your energy wastage here and make your usage more efficient.

Use water more efficiently
Every drop counts, so don’t let that leaking tap get away with it. Maintenance is a key factor in utility savings, and ensuring all pipes are sealed correctly will help prevent any unwanted cost increases.

Also, by insulating your water heater and pipes you can retain the water heat for longer, therefore using less energy to re-heat it. A small, but effective measure that will make a massive difference in the long run.

Maybe it’s time to switch
This is where we come in. Our EnergiSave expert team of market analysts track electricity, and gas prices daily. With direct access to the UK’s leading energy providers.

By switching over to a new provider, you can save up to 40% on your business’s next renewal offer.

So, if your renewal date is approaching, or you would like to keep one step ahead.

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