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Advice on Saving Your Business Energy

Energy procurement is what we do best. Because prices vary daily, it is crucial that you buy energy at the right time, and we have mastered the art of securing the most suitable services for the best price. We liaise with the suppliers, negotiate the deal on your behalf and constantly monitor whether your contract is working for you.

Our procurement packages come in two varieties: fixed price and flexible price.

Fixed Price

Fixed price means that the rate you pay will remain the same for the extent of the contract, providing you with absolute budget certainty. From day one, we will perform a series of meticulous tests on the many different tariff structures available to make sure you receive the best and most cost-effective solution. Once all this information is prepared, we will carry out an open and transparent tender on your behalf, negotiate with the chosen suppliers and then recommend the most suitable offer. A combination of excellent supplier relationships, leveraged buying power and leading market analysis means we get the best possible deal every time.

Flexible Price

With flexible price energy procurement the price you pay will change over time, based on the trends and variations in the industry. We will constantly monitor published market prices and purchase energy on your behalf for the most suitable amount of time; this could be monthly, quarterly or even seasonally. Our purpose-built risk management team will establish your financial objectives and ensure any price risk to you is diminished as far as possible. Every single one of our risk-managed products is supported by advanced electronic systems, which automatically generate pricing so you are always totally aware of you budgetary position.

Energy Management

Synetica is the department of EnergiSave that will make sure your business is wholly energy efficient. Their qualified Chartered Energy Engineers will provide advice and guidance for you to drastically bring down your energy costs, track your company’s carbon emissions and conform to current legislation.

Synetica will carry out a detailed survey that analyses and compares your organisation’s energy use against similar companies to see if it is at the level it should be. After reviewing the report, they will advise you on any ways in which you can monitor and control your energy consumption. Synetica have helped previous clients save up to 30% on their energy costs.

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